is on its western flank.


Like many areas of the country, Paktika has been heavily deforested. This has been one of the causes of devastating flooding in recent years.














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Province of Paktia


Paktika   پکتیکا

Paktika Highlighted Red

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Capital Sharan
Population 352,000
Area 19,482 km˛
Time Zone UTC + 4:30
Main Languages Pashto

Paktika (Pashto: پکتیکا) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the south-east of the country and overwhelmingly conservative Sunni Pashtun people. Its capital is Sharan.


Political and Military Situation

As one of the most remote provinces in Afghanistan, and in an area that saw a lot of devastation in previous years, Paktika suffers from a serve lack of critical infrastructure. Reconstruction in the province after the fall of the Taliban has been slow in comparison to that in nearby provinces such as Khost and Zabul, in large part due to the remoteness of the region and repeated attacks on aid workers. In 2004, an American Provincial Reconstruction Team base was established in Sharana to lead the development effort.


While the province hasn't witnessed the outright fighting in the last few years that has affected provinces like Helmand, there is a constant low level of tribal violence accompanied by criminal and Taliban activity. The last serious fighting in the province took place in 2004, amid reports that then-Governor Muhammad Ali Jalali was collaborating with Taliban forces,

and that the Taliban had effectively annexed eastern portions of the province. Jalali, and many of his allied officials, were replaced, U.S. Special Forces were dispatched to fight the Taliban while the Pakistan forces fought with the Taliban's allies in neighbouring South Waziristan.



Paktika was once part of a greater province Paktia, that has itself now further split into Khost province. The province was the site of many battles during the Soviet occupation of the country and the lawless years that followed.



Paktika is bordered on the north by Paktia Province and Khost Province on the east, as well as South Waziristan, a Pakistani-administered tribal area. The southern border is shared with Zabul Province, while Ghazni Province

The Districts of Paktika

District Area Population
Barmal n/a n/a
Dila n/a n/a
Gayan n/a n/a
Gomal n/a n/a
Mata Khan n/a n/a
Nika n/a n/a
Omna n/a n/a
Sar Hawza n/a n/a
Sarobi n/a n/a
Sharan n/a n/a
Urgun n/a n/a
Waza Khwa n/a n/a
Wor Mamay n/a n/a
Zarghun Shahr n/a n/a
Ziruk n/a n/a

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